Terms & Condition

Terms and Conditions

1.Bookings,Payment and Confirmation
  • Booking made at least 1 day before departure, booking made less than one day,please direct e-mail to info@islaindtrip.com
  • Booking confirmation will be sent automaticly to your E-mail address
  • The booking will be isued after we receive the full payment and you have a right to get an Electronic Ticket
  • We will not take responsibility for any bookings without any autority under issued tickets of Islaindtrip.com
  • Islaindtrip.com will receive only online payment via Paypal and Credit card
2.Disclaimer and limitation of Responsibility
  • Islaindtrip.com is an agency selling the tickets for the following services; Fast Boat from Bali to Gili Trawangan,Gili Meno,Gili Air,Lombok and Nusa Lembongan or Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan,Gili Meno,Gili Air),Lombok and Nusa Lembongan to Bali.
  • We will not take any responsibility of delay or missing your flight,injury,loses,demage,accident during your traveling or trip that couses death,incovenience couses the boat operator staff or delay of pick up time and not provide pick up by the operator or late departure of the boat, Sea condition which is causes arrival late or not in time, change the boat route whichis caused arrival late,wet, etc. All of these are the the policy of fast boat operators and the fast boat operator responsible. Can not be claim to Islaindtrip.com.
  • Islaindtrip.com will notresponsible for any additional charge for reschedule, caused the boat is not operating or canceled and transfer to other vessel (ferries or Flight ) by fast boat operator.  
  • The trip is not suitable for oldest,60 years and infant(6 month to one Year)
3.Price and Additional Service
  • Islaindtrip.com has an autority to change the price at any time without any notice.
  • Price listed on this site are price only for the boat transfers from port to port.
  • Additional service (Pick up and drop off) are complimentary provide by fast boat operator, these services can be given if you fill out your hotel details on the booking form we provide, they will not serve the hotel pick up and drop off if you not fill on the booking form, send manual email for pick up and pick up and drop off  request also will not serve.
  • The hotel pick up and drop off can not clim as one package with price listed for boat transfers. 
  • Cancellation made one month before departure date will refund 75% from the total amount
  • Cancellation between one month or two weeks before departure date will refund 50% from total amount
  • Cancelation between two weeks or one week before departure date will be refund 35% from the total amount
  • Cancellation between one week or 2 days before departure date will be refund 25% from the total amount
  • Cancellation two days before departure date will refund 20% of the total amount
  • Cancelation made one day before departure or on the date of departure will not be refund
  • Trip Cancellation caused Bad Wether(All Fast Boat Operators stop operating) there will be administration fee 5% from total amount
  • Cancellation made 5 months to before departure date,will pay the administration fee 5% from total amount
  • The cancellation procedure is by sending us an email to info@islaindtrip.com

Any complain about Our support team, please sent us e-mails.

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